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New Tech designs custom made air conditioning systems, for the purpose of saving money in the short or the long run. We always look for designs that save energy and thus reduce variable costs. Since not all budgets can afford an additional investment, there is a solution for every budget and therefore standard efficiency systems are available. Cheaper to buy but expensive to use. Commercial customers are increasingly interested in high efficiency systems, because energy is becoming more and more expensive.

Together with cooling systems, we also design and supply ventilation systems. These are usually combined with an air conditioning system. We supply laboratories, archives rooms, museums, kitchens and other areas, where air quality is important. The air is then distributed by an air quality system (P3) www.p3italy.it which is made from polyurethane and which is covered with aluminum foil on both sides.

New Tech is dealer of the following brands:

Split units with and without inverter, ducted split-systems, package units and chillers, available in standard and high efficiency R-410a refrigerant.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems are available for order. These systems are custom designed and offered by custom, resulting in a total energy saving of 50%.

High Wall, Universal Mount and cassette units up to 60,000 BTU/h

Fujitsu: High wall, Universal Mount and cassette units up to 60,000 BTU/h with inverter and R410-a resulting in an energy saving of 25%.

Safety Tip:
Do not leave the air conditioning systems in your home or business unattended or operating without a good control system with the alarm turned on. Air conditioning systems are electro-mechanical systems, that offer us comfort and we have to handle them responsibly. By having your air conditioner unit cleaned and inspected regularly, you minimize the risk of problems.

Energy-saving tip:
Have your air conditioning unit cleaned and inspected regularly. A dirty air conditioning system leads to high energy bills each month. Old air conditioners units, which are in poor condition, will consume more energy than new systems.


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