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Carrier Green

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Chilled water installation (2 x 40 ton chillers with remote condensers, CARRIER),Dedicated Air handler unit for fresh air for the offices (CARRIER), Dedicated Air handler units with humidity control for the depots (CARRIER), Chemical treatment of fresh air for depots (PURAFIL),Energy recuperation with Enthalpy wheel (CARRIER),DDC controls system (CARRIER) with internet interface.

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McDonalds Hermitage mall

VRF-installation (total 75 ton, 3 systems with 13 ducted split-units, TOSHIBA),
2extraction systems for kitchen.

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TBL Cinemas

Chilled water installation (2 x 120 ton chillers, CARRIER),
Ducted fan coils, cassette units, air handlers with fresh air for movie theater,
Fresh air system with heat recovery by heat pipes (HEATPIPE),
Extraction system for kitchen.

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Radiologish Kliniek

Air handler units (DX) (2 x 12.5 ton) for cooling of the examen rooms and waiting area.
Ducted Split system with humidity control for MRI room.

Princess Casino + hotel ( nu in aanbouw )

Chilled water installation (3 x 80 ton chillers, CARRIER) with 9 air handler units for common areas,
VRF-installation (total 250 ton, 11 systems with 4way-cassette units, TOSHIBA) ,
18 ERV (energy recovery ventilators) for fresh air,
Extraction system modulated on basis of CO2-content of the indoor air.

Princess Casino ( Renovatie )

Packaged units (2 x 30 ton, 1 x 25 ton, 2 x 7.5 ton) with fresh air intake,
Extraction system modulated on basis of CO2-content of the indoor air.


Chilled water installation (2 x 60 ton chillers, CARRIER)
Ducted fan coils for the different labs,
Dedicated Air handler unit for fresh air (CARRIER),
Extraction of local contaminations from the labs,
Constant Air Volume dampers for pressure balance in the different labs,
DDC controls system (CARRIER)

Marriott Hotel

VRF-installation (total 220 ton, 31 systems with 145 ducted fan coil units, TOSHIBA),
Ducted split units for common areas (CARRIER),
2 Dedicated fresh air units (16 and 40 ton, AAON),
32 extraction systems for rooms, common areas, kitchen and laundry.

Hotel Royal Torarica

Chilled water installation (3 x 60 ton chillers, CARRIER),
2 air handlers for common areas (CARRIER),
142 ducted fan coil units for rooms,
27 extraction systems for rooms, common areas and kitchen.

Hermitage Mall

Fase 1: 83 split-units for the individual stores
Fase 2: 57 split-units for the individual stores.

MCDonalds hoofdrestaurant

VRF-installation (total 60 ton, 3 systems with 10 cassette units and 10 fancoils, TOSHIBA),
Packaged unit 20 ton for kitchen,
3 Fresh air units on VRF-system with modulating damper regulated by the CO2 –content of the indoor air.


Chiller installatie (18 ton, CARRIER) for cooling of MRI-equipment (SIEMENS),
Ducted fan coil for cooling of examen room.


Renovation of ductwork for DX-air handler units (total 130 ton, 7 systems).

Telesur Hoofdkantoor

Renewal of ducts and air handlers of chilled water installation (total 200 ton, 5 systems, CARRIER),
Installation of Variable Air Volume system (zone dampers) on all systems, with frequency drive on fans of the air handler units with DDC controls (CARRIER).
Renewal of total electrical and data installation

Telesur Transmission

Renewal of air handler and optimalisation of existing duct system (total 45 ton) with frequency drive on fan of the air handler units with DDC controls (CARRIER).


2 Air handler systems (DX, 2 x 10 ton, CARRIER) with control of temperature and humidity with DDC control system (CARRIER),
User interface ComfortView (CARRIER).

Fernandes Ice-cream

Air handler system (DX, 14 ton) with carbon filter, HEPA-filter and UV-light for the air conditioning of the production room.

Orco Bank Curacao

VRF-installation (total 54 ton, 5 systems with 14 cassettes and 30 ducted split units, TOSHIBA),
Central controller on VRF-system (TOSHIBA).

Centro Medico Aruba

Variable Air Volume systems (zone dampers) with frequency drive on fans of the air handler units (chilled water) with DDC controls (CARRIER).

Radisson Hotel Aruba

DDC Controls (CARRIER) for 8 Air handler units (chilled water) for cooling of the corridors with temperature and humidity control.

Setar Aruba

Web based monitoring system for DDC installation with iVu server (CARRIER).


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